S&G Thesign was born of a joint passion for tradition, authenticity, and luxury. Stefano and Gianluca showcase the enduring elegance of Italian craftsmanship in the modern world.

Driven by a relentless dedication to quality, S&G Thesign introduces bold, customizable fashion to timeless Italian artistry.


Since 1613, the Giostra della Quintana Festival in Foligno, Italy, has given the most noble knights and families an opportunity to compete for the region’s highest honor. 

Riding atop majestic horses, ten knights race around a 754-meter track in the shape of the infinity symbol. At the center intersection, a statue of the Roman god, Mars, holds a palm-sized ring that the riders must spear while galloping at full speed. The Giostra della Quintana remains the most challenging equestrian competition in Italy today. 

Inspired by the nobility, grace, and precision of the Giostra della Quintana Festival, SG Thesign evokes these same principles with every product sold.


We invite you to join us in our dedication to quality, elegance, and dominance by customizing our unique leather products with your own personality. Each item in the SG Thesign collection can be customized with an engraved or embossed name and logo in ILL. Every product available through SG Thesign is designed and handcrafted exclusively in Italy. Our products are guaranteed to be made of the finest Italian leather originating in Umbria.